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    What is the difference between Opera and Opera GX?

    My default browser is Opera and I always see ads about Opera GX. What is the difference, does it have any better qualities? Should I switch to GX?

    8 november 2021 17:55 8617

    opera is just a normal browser bit opera gx is optimised for gaming

    2 december 2021 14:30 8617

    Opera GX have more features. If you don't need any of those features, I don't suggest switching.

    7 january 2022 12:01 8617

    Opera GX is meant for gamers

    14 january 2022 04:48 8617

    I tried Opera and Operagx, in my perspective Operagx y more fluid thank Opera.

    15 january 2022 05:06 8617

    nice to serf and manage all apps in one

    15 january 2022 07:16 8617

    is more fluid than normal opera

    9 february 2022 05:06 8617

    Opera is just your standard browser but Opera GX is meant for changing the colors/making it so your games run fluent without Opera GX slowing your game down by 50%

    19 october 2022 14:32 8617

    opera gx imo is better, its cleaner, has a vpn, games, i think its more secure and it also seems less intense of a pc

    8 november 2022 23:28 8617

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