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    Game Chests - Are they worth it?

    Just wanted to get some opinions on purchasing chests on this site. Decided to bite the bullet and purchase three chests, and got three random [trash] steam games for my troubles. Have you bought several chests? Did it turn out well? Would you buy chests again?

    24 september 2018 13:43 1628

    I've not wasted gems on a chest but have had many chests (from previous giveaways) and always had :****: rewards. Don't waste your gems on them - 999/1000 will be :****: (imo)

    24 september 2018 16:18 1628

    Yes worth it you will get good game promise

    25 september 2018 07:26 1628

    Thanks for the feedback. That's kind of what I was fearing. Kind of wish I didn't take that gamble now. lol

    26 september 2018 02:09 1628

    youll probably get a random steam key

    26 september 2018 20:24 1628

    game chest=random steam key

    28 september 2018 06:34 1628

    Anyone here tried the CSGO cases, or are they just as bad?

    28 september 2018 15:50 1628

    No, the chests are 99,9% of the time a waste of SG. I heard once that someone got something good so it's possible but not worth it.

    28 september 2018 17:26 1628

    they are so bad scam ...batman knight worths 5 euros in instant gaming. and they promote it with steam prices,and now in steam worth 10e the full version..hhahahahahahaahahahah GAMEHAG = SCAM

    28 september 2018 17:39 1628

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