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    Hints for completing "AD 2460"

    AD 2460 is a space sci-fi browser game taking place in the far future, where humans have moved from Earth to beyond the stars.

    I finished the game in 1-2 days. While it's easy to be overwhelmed by the large amount of text you're forced to read through, but trust me, it's worth it. In the "tutorial" mission you'll be guided by an advisor. Follow her instructions and you'll complete all of your three tasks.

    Task 1 (Advance to level 3) is the most time-consuming task. The reason is simple: You must read all of your advisor's instructions and it takes time to build your facilities, your first base outpost and your space vessels. During that time you must also improve your military (you must at least recruit one commander) and take part in the game's story.

    The key here is to make lots of research and follow your advisor's instructions. Not only will it help you reach level 3 faster, you'll also finish the second and third tasks much easier than you think. Don't worry, your advisor will often remind you if you're lost.

    When you've finished the task: submit a screenshot in jpg-format where the gamehag staff can see that you clearly have reached level 3.

    Task 2 (Complete 3 researches) and task 3 (Complete 5 researches) are the easiest parts of the game. If you've followed my instructions earlier, you already have reached the requirements to report these tasks.

    Here I only took one screenshot where I could show the staff the majority of the completed researches I had made. If the screenshot clearly shows at least 5 completed researches, submit the same screenshot to both task 2 and task 3.

    When you've finished, you'll have a total amount of 174+173+230 = 577 SG!

    Good luck fellow wizards and witches!

    :copyright:Greenleaf 2018

    27 july 2018 12:30 2984

    @Clound12 Thank you mate. Unfortunately it's not an article. If it was, it would at least have a minimum of 2500 characters.

    While I won't earn 1000 SG for my guide, I hope it will be helpful for my fellow wizards and witches who want to try "AD 2460". That is the most important thing for me as a member of a community; being able to help other fellow users.

    I hope you'll also like my guide for "Oblivia: The lost city"!

    27 july 2018 13:50 2984

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