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    How to avoid becoming a frog

    An easy way of preventing your account from becoming a frog/toad from what apparently everyone is afraid of. Just download the mobile app of Gamehag and in there, there is an option to earn soul gems by watching video ads. the adds take around 15 seconds to finish and each one gives 1 soul gem with a limit of 100 per day. Watching only 1 of those adds and earning 1 gem is enough to reset your weekly cooldown of becoming a frog. I hope this is helpful for everyone that is confused with the new frog/toad system.

    9 october 2020 18:40 1628

    Ooh okay but what happens when you become a frog tho? Is it a bad thing??

    9 october 2020 18:58 1628

    When you become a frog you are stripped off ability to get daily login sgs; i recently experienced being a frog. However you can still get those free daily chests. Thing to avoid being a frog is really two options games depends on availablity and really hard contracts which trust me are extremely hard atleast for me cause i already did the easier ones.

    9 october 2020 19:02 1628

    you won't be able to get the 5 soul gems that you get for logging in daily and the weekly for logging in 7 days in a row. Becoming a toad however is bad because you lose 50 gems every week.

    9 october 2020 19:03 1628

    Thanks this helped!

    1 february 2021 08:06 1628

    What does it mean when I turn into a frog

    7 march 2024 20:07 1628

    Bro read the comments, don't just be a robot, it's written up there

    9 march 2024 18:54 1628

    yall better start mining those crystals or else yall gon turn into a frog 💀 💯 🔥

    9 march 2024 23:06 1628

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