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    CS:GO Tips

    CS: GO is not easy to play. It is a game that requires a lot of reflexes and challenges. In this article I will tell you how to become a PRO. If you are a new player I recommend you to read the article carefully.

    Practice makes perfect:Practical, practical, practical, to do more practice. As you practice, you master and develop.

    Play in settings that are always right for you:Before starting the game, test and save which image, sound and control settings are most suitable for you. You should know that there is no specific “best” setting. You should find the most suitable settings for you according to your personal preferences and to the extent your existing equipment allows.


    Play Deathmatch:There are no rounds or objectives in Deathmatch mode. In-game money doesn't matter. Deathmatch is the purest mode of Counter Strike gunfight. Lack of loading time to reborn after death, as in the real match, is the fastest way to find out which weapons work and how.

    Play warm-up:Before every competitive game, Ankit recommends entering a warm-up match to sharpen your aiming skills. In this way, you will be able to train your eyes on the goals.

    Watch the PROs: There are many names among CS: GO professionals that regularly post warm-up matches on Twitch. You will be able to improve your game a lot even by watching how professionals play and seeing how they communicate with each other.

    Play with better players than you:It will be very useful for your development in any competitive game you will play, or, more generally, to be in touch with people better than you in every field in your life.


    Focus on important weapons:As you start playing high-level matches, you will observe that the same weapons are used over and over again. For example, the AK-47 when playing on the Terrorist side, the M4A1-S when playing on the Counter Terrorist side, the M4A4 and AWP that are frequently used on both sides.

    Learn the highlights of the map:Every competitive map you play has important points with commonly used names. Find them out.

    Use smoke and flash:Many Counter Strike maps contain very ideal spots for smoke, grenade and flash. You have to learn how to throw these bombs.

    Learn to be patient:What you will often see in low-level Counter Strike matches are Counter Terrorist players, who are impatiently plunging towards the Terrorist side. Do not do this! On the Counter Terrorist side, your goal is to hold the bomb placement points and prevent Terrorists from entering.

    Remember your role in the team:Team composition is important. Check out what your team needs before buying a gun. If someone already has AWP, there is usually no need for a second AWPci. Your teammates don't have the money to buy powerful equipment, and if you have it, buy extra weapons and give it to your friends.

    Do not foam from the nerve:Counter Strike: Global Offensive can become quite annoying if you lose in a row. Your temper is useless other than badly impacting you in improving your game. If you cannot stop your anger, you should not reflect this to your teammates in the middle of the game.

    Unauthorized use of my guide is labor theft. Please don't be disrespectful!

    5 june 2020 21:05 1625

    one tip from me: Dont rush :

    18 june 2020 02:52 1625

    These are some pretty good tips for beginners

    18 june 2020 08:08 1625

    Good tips for beginners, buddy. The best thing I can give to new players is to enter DeathMatches. It will bring you to very good places in terms of reflexes.

    18 june 2020 21:21 1625

    wow thees are very good tips for begginers and intermediate players. good job!

    18 june 2020 21:34 1625

    im sure by using your tips i can play better thank you

    4 july 2020 23:04 1625

    Id say dont train in deathmatch or casual. Filled with cheaters. Try respawn community servers if you want to improve your aim. For Smokes, Flashes or maybe just exercising prefiring try Yprac maps. They have a wiiiide variety of maps for different competitive maps, where u can learn all utilities, exercise your prefire or just aim in general, too

    12 july 2020 18:37 1625

    for improving aim Aim_botz workshop by ulletical is quite good. i do an excercise- kill 100 bots in minimum time everyday using onetaps, sprays,etc. in a week your aim will be so much better

    14 july 2020 06:15 1625

    do not be greedy, don't reload when an enemy near you

    7 august 2020 08:01 1625

    Best tip is rush b mac10

    15 august 2020 01:21 1625

    CS:GO is the best competitive game i have played

    15 august 2020 12:01 1625

    Buy smoke grenade on Mirage

    15 august 2020 20:30 1625

    Buy AWP when you can!!!

    15 august 2020 20:31 1625

    I have more than 500 hours in cs-go and I am still not so good xD

    16 august 2020 01:08 1625

    Thx for your tips its working correctly
    i like the post cause you have a nice tips for cs:go

    16 august 2020 13:22 1625

    This games need better antichat system

    16 august 2020 20:06 1625

    I like to do deathmatch/casual or aimbots to warmup. Also always try to use all your utilities before you die/end match.

    17 august 2020 19:08 1625

    Good tips , no dount, can I have more regarding settings?

    19 august 2020 16:03 1625

    i personally use low sensitivity

    19 august 2020 16:29 1625

    Camp corners if your CT. T side learn proper smokes and movement and molotov and flashes and nades.

    20 august 2020 07:09 1625

    a wiiiide variety of maps for different competitive maps, where u can learn all utilities, exercise your prefire or just aim in general, too

    20 august 2020 09:05 1625

    Good Tips, though one thing I would add is that changing crosshairs will help you out in the long run, the default CSGO crosshair is terrible and it's better to change it ASAP.

    20 august 2020 12:06 1625

    Thx bro, now i don't need to use any wallhacks anymore

    20 august 2020 16:08 1625

    Do NOT change settings constantly.Try to get used to the one and dont change it.BTW Do NOT solo queue its not gonna get you anywhere.this is team game.playing it with unknowns can be real hard.

    20 august 2020 23:22 1625

    BTW do not constantly change your mouse sensitivity try to get used to one.Also try to play with one crosshair instead of copying others during ranked match

    20 august 2020 23:23 1625

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