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    Valorant its coming

    Valorant Game will be Global Release on June 2, 2020

    After watching the influencers for a long time playing the latest Riot Games game, Valorant, it's now our turn to experience it firsthand. The global launch of Valorant has been set for June 2, 2020. That means, the closed betia version will end on May 28 to give Riot time to reset the player's account, to prepare new content.

    When released later, all players will start the game from scratch, making the point of competition the same for challengers around the world. So, no need to be afraid of lagging with those who have tasted closed beta first.
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    "Our goal is to always bring VALORANT to various parts of the world, and we are very happy to be able to do it on June 2," said Anna Donlon, Executive Producer of VALORANT at Riot Games. "This launch is also in line with the high standards and expectations held by the players. We also want to have a conversation with them to continue the long-term commitment of Riot Games to serve the global community VALORANT. This launch is only the beginning and not the end of our journey," he concluded.

    Immediately after launching, Riot Games will immediately provide game content, modes, agents, and new maps as proof of its commitment to the players. The addition of servers is also a concern of Riot Games so that players can play comfortably.

    Players in Southeast Asia can play Valorant via PC in English, Indonesian, Thai, traditional Mandarin, and Vietnamese which will follow later this year. As for Taiwan, because there is technical integration work to meet local requirements, this game is expected to be present at the location in the coming weeks.

    Riot Games revealed that their newest FPS game, Valorant will soon be released globally on June 2, 2020. This news was delivered by Executive Producer Valorant Anna Donlon and Director Valorant Joe Ziegler in the video uploaded to the Twitter account @PlayVALORANT.

    In the video, Donlon and Ziegler had joked that Vahwa Valorant would not be present in a few months, but would be present in a few weeks.

    Suddenly this makes the fans of this game happy, because they can play this game for free and free on the PC platform on June 2, 2020.

    Then, one video game observer, Geoff Keighley said that the global launch of Valorant will be accompanied by maps, agents, and new game modes.

    "Valorant was launched on June 2. A new map, a new agent, and a new game mode will also be launched," said Keighley in his personal Twitter account, @geoffkeighley, as quoted by Tagar, Monday, May 25, 2020.

    1 june 2020 02:27 1625

    csgo is kinda better tbh

    7 june 2020 18:18 1625

    OOH valorant is coming finally

    7 june 2020 18:20 1625

    csgo is good gae but i hate that hackers in that game

    7 june 2020 19:51 1625

    Valorant is cool but valorant killed fortnite and fortnite is died

    7 june 2020 19:52 1625

    i have valorant key but my game doesnt work

    7 june 2020 19:52 1625

    Valorant is free now for everybody to play. Personally it doesnt look too fun and dont understand all the hype but oh well. I find csgo more fun

    7 june 2020 20:38 1625

    it's sucks

    7 june 2020 20:48 1625

    i like valorant because it was a shooter game and i like shooter games

    7 june 2020 21:13 1625

    Wishing to be playing that game soon!

    7 june 2020 22:57 1625

    It's ok, but i preffer cs go

    7 june 2020 23:36 1625

    Csgo better than her

    8 june 2020 01:44 1625

    valorant is fire ngl

    8 june 2020 02:08 1625

    the game is out in free

    8 june 2020 03:34 1625

    to be fair I think it will greatly help csgo improve as they will update more

    8 june 2020 04:09 1625

    i don't like valorant because it was boring

    8 june 2020 19:17 1625

    i like valorant

    8 june 2020 20:02 1625

    i'm very excited

    8 june 2020 21:09 1625

    go play csgo

    8 june 2020 21:23 1625

    Valorant is very good game

    29 august 2020 16:47 1625

    im hyped

    29 august 2020 22:54 1625

    fortnite is better but valorant is ok

    30 august 2020 15:34 1625

    fortnite is not good for me good game but for me ????

    30 august 2020 15:42 1625

    nice bro i hope so

    7 september 2020 18:56 1625

    valorant !!!!

    8 september 2020 22:57 1625

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