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    Is this game still pay 2 win?

    I heard a while ago this game is pay2win is it still? I odnt play p2w games

    30 march 2020 00:18 2154

    I didn't think it was ever pay2win. Isn't it largely PvE anyway?

    1 april 2020 21:29 2154

    bu oyunu yalnızca 1 defe oynadım tamam oyun güzelde ama bilgisayarda caip yer kapladığından dolayı sildim neyse by

    6 april 2020 09:18 2154

    yeah it still is xD

    6 april 2020 09:20 2154

    It's pay to get things faster but wouldn't classify it as p2w at all.

    6 april 2020 17:06 2154

    Its not pay to win all of the content is avaible through grind , if you put in some effort into grinding you can get all the frames and all that stuff.😀

    9 april 2020 02:31 2154

    There are some pay to win elements, but you can have a great time without.

    18 april 2020 21:16 2154

    i like this gaem this game is soo good i like it

    18 april 2020 21:29 2154

    Most free to play games are, but you can get most of the items in this game for free through grinding.

    19 april 2020 00:55 2154

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