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    coin master

    game coin master from wall of terror wont give me SG but i completed task

    29 september 2017 14:30 1628

    Contact Misty (in your friend list) and tell her your problem. ;)

    29 september 2017 14:47 1628

    @myStery24: WRONG!!

    @TheGhoul: https://gamehag.com/forum/t/20457-not-getting-your-sg-heres-the-correct-way-to-get-support

    [QUOTE=GAMEHAG FAQ]Why am I not receiving any Soul Gems for my contracts?

    Sadly, in this case, the Soul Gems are given independently and we do not have any influence on their attribution - it is a completely automatic process. If you have not received your points, please verify carefully that you have completed your task by clicking the button next to the contract and used the link that has been generated after that. If after 24 hours, you still have not received any Soul Gems, please try to complete the task again. Some of our walls give you access to an external support on the bottom of their page. You can also try that![/ENDQUOTE]

    Good luck getting your SooulGems.....you'll need it

    29 september 2017 15:07 1628

    What is this for?

    19 december 2020 23:53 1628

    oh yeah what is this

    20 december 2020 00:01 1628

    coin master... hm, i don't think this is a good game to play with friends online

    20 december 2020 16:19 1628

    Oh did u reach third village it work on my main gamehag acc tho

    23 december 2020 07:12 1628

    Create a support ticket i dunno

    23 december 2020 09:50 1628

    you should create your support ticket
    i think it was a bug or something but i totally dont know -_-

    15 january 2021 10:35 1628

    Sometimes Misty doesn't give good answers (little explanation what i know) but all supports trying to give you answer less than 1 day. Send ticket contact with Misty if you can't send more tickets maybe other admins can help more.

    15 january 2021 17:41 1628

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