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    Fair or Not?

    Work Hard, Play Hard which is said by a lot of people. A lot of people as well as me thought for websites similar to this that you play a few games and you should already have like 5$ to 10$, nothing like that. In fact you need to invest some time in playing games that are on the list for soulgems prices.

    As much as I like the site the things that suck are thet every country has different surveys. For example im going to show you what bringed me to the gamehag. The prices that were on the website before I made an account. They were either an example or they were available for different countries. I only played 1 game which got me 240 soulgems. Guess its a bit fair but it took me like a few hours. There are much more games that I could play but I will get something from 50-140 soulgems a game. But the bad part is that I need to spend a lot of my time to get a small price of gems despite the fact that the rewards are going from 400 to 50000  
    This picture is what got me to gamehag...When I saw this after I made and account I was dissapointed since the soulgem rewards are far different then what I was promised on the previous picture. I dont know if somebody has the same complains as me but if you do comment the article. And also the mobile surveys doesnt even work for me. I downloaded the gamehag app but the same happened.
    I of course did what the survey said but no soulgems were awarded. No need to be angry there it was suppost to be like 50 soul gems for like 2-3 mins too good to be true xD.

    Hope you guys agree with me and as for gamehag this is like feedback from me for them ;)

    ps: Sorry for my grammar mistakes xD

    1 september 2017 15:12 1625

    Well you can always write articles and other stuff to earn SGs...for me it's fair, just got my first game to see if this is real and yeap, I got Rocket League for free after 3 - 4 days of playing games :D

    24 september 2018 22:56 1625

    this article helps a lot

    1 august 2019 09:44 1625

    how can i get codes

    1 august 2019 09:45 1625

    seems fair in my opinion/

    1 august 2019 11:04 1625

    have you sign in one the US region account the rewaerd is look sooooo unfair

    2 august 2019 06:25 1625

    Im so close to the 280sg

    2 august 2019 13:38 1625

    Nice article

    2 august 2019 13:52 1625

    Im joining today. Watch 200ads per day like my brother . hell no :'(

    2 august 2019 16:38 1625

    thanks for the info

    2 august 2019 20:25 1625

    its fair cause you choose what offers to do or not.

    19 august 2020 01:13 1625


    19 august 2020 07:26 1625

    nice its look good

    19 august 2020 13:23 1625

    for my opinion is good but i didnt complete any of them :/

    19 august 2020 13:39 1625

    Vey nice so good, it's fair or not

    19 august 2020 13:52 1625

    Whelp, I suppose they're just doing that because why not

    22 august 2020 06:30 1625

    Fair enough

    22 august 2020 07:25 1625

    some region like where im at this sucks. ill quit..

    22 august 2020 11:27 1625

    Nt fas esign, seeming easy and simple to grasp yet difficult to master. All in all a classic indeed w fair

    22 august 2020 14:58 1625

    Oh nice Comment for the good level for me hehehe i need more level guys ????

    22 august 2020 15:49 1625

    Unfair where is the summer free chest where?

    22 august 2020 15:53 1625

    Different regions have different of

    22 august 2020 16:04 1625

    Nice comment guys :), very nice and nice hehhehe

    29 august 2020 17:37 1625

    It's hard to get point in gamehag but

    29 august 2020 23:59 1625

    order has been restored and the Korbanytes will win

    30 august 2020 07:54 1625

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