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    Basically Roblox

    Roblox is a global platform that brings people together through play.
    It doesn't have great graphics, but that's what makes it fun.
    Roblox was founded by Erik CasselDavid Baszucki in 2005.

    In Roblox you can do many great things, such as making money off of it, helping beginner players or by just playing the game. You can also buy Roblox's currency called 'ROBUX'. From Robux you can buy pants,shirts,hats,collectibles(limiteds)new looks from the catalog. Robux is kind of expensive but you can surely update your look even with 400 robux. Scammers are in Roblox too.. It's easy to fall in a scam if you are a beginner. There's scambots in the website that will automatically copy and paste the same text over and over again with a website in it. Don't ever click on it if you want to keep your account safe and not broken. 
     Collectibles(limiteds)are normal items but with a changing value and they can also be expired and not be bought. That's why their name is also'limiteds'.
    These items are great for trading and you can make robux out of it if you have experience about trading.Although you can ONLY TRADE with Builders Club (Builders club name will also be changed to premium in the future. 
      Back in the day there was a currency called Tix and you get one Tix per day for free. If you were able to get 10 Tix you get 1 Robux. After a while Roblox decided to delete it.

    There's many kinds of players in Roblox. There's roleplayers, ODers (Online Daters), Hackers and scammers. 
     Online Dating is pretty bad in every was as possible if you think about it but in a game... Roblox is mostly played by little kids .oding and kids doesn't match and it's just stupid.
     The hackers in Roblox mostly think they are cool and professional but they are just players who can't play the game fair and have fun. And there's a similar category of them. They flex in every was as possible, make lies and of course, break the game...
     The scammers mostly make bad lies and it can be easy to see through their minds.

    Roblox's big events,special facts:
    Roblox reports also doesn't work since 2015 because there were too many reported people. 
       There was actual forums and it was great, but it got deleted. Roblox made many bad decisions and this was one of those... There was a person called Quackity in Youtube who makes raids with his fans in games. He wanted to make a raid in Roblox too and have a wholesome stream but he got banned in the first minutes of the stream. It was very unfair so the fans decided to make this on the forums. And who said Quackity's name in forums,chats or anything like that, They've got BANNED. Roblox decided to delete the forums and shut down all of their servers for a while. 


    27 september 2019 17:50 1625

    who loves roblox? PS: my username is creeper66YTB (on roblox)

    28 september 2019 18:50 1625

    I do love roblox, but why do you mean by doesn't have great graphics ? I find them great

    28 september 2019 19:58 1625

    rOBLOX IS good it can be better :D

    28 september 2019 20:42 1625

    Yeah the roblox graphics are good

    29 september 2019 08:37 1625

    sadly roblox has a lot less variation then when i was a kid but honestly its pretty great still all in all

    2 october 2019 05:25 1625

    I feel like ROBLOX could be better in some aspects.

    2 october 2019 16:44 1625

    Whos part of TNI on roblox?

    9 october 2019 18:16 1625

    I really like roblox

    10 october 2019 02:32 1625

    I also like how deatailed it is

    10 october 2019 02:34 1625

    so many detailed

    10 october 2019 02:57 1625

    Amazing work

    10 october 2019 03:30 1625

    I love roblox, im here trying to get roblux

    10 october 2019 04:22 1625

    i love roblox

    10 october 2019 06:11 1625

    Like i really like it

    10 october 2019 06:45 1625

    I love roblox

    10 october 2019 07:51 1625

    realy good game

    10 october 2019 07:52 1625

    I've been playing for three years, man.

    10 october 2019 07:54 1625

    I like this game

    10 october 2019 07:54 1625

    I love roblox too!

    10 october 2019 10:58 1625


    10 october 2019 10:59 1625

    Roni Rod on nyt sitten kun se olet

    10 october 2019 12:57 1625

    nice that's pretty nice

    11 october 2019 04:52 1625

    This is nice. I love ROBLOX too! :D

    11 october 2019 08:27 1625

    hi guyz whos playing roblox

    11 october 2019 10:43 1625

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