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    PC vs Consoles : War is not over

    While console builders are reporting excellent sales figures, more and more players are turning to the PC, a master stallion of gaming for many people. While the war between different media is raging, it is time to question their real qualities but also their defects.

    1. The price

    The budget is probably the first point that comes to mind the buyer potential. In this area, the console undeniably prevails on the PC.
    Cheaper than its competitor (count between € 200 and € 400 for a new console and a price range from € 400 to € 2000, sometimes beyond, for a PC gaming), the console wins for the players having a limited budget.
    It must be remembered, however, that a computer is not just for play but is useful in everyday life.
    2. The graphics

    We enter here in the main argument of purchase of the PC: the graphics. PCs being more powerful than consoles (hence the price much higher), games are much more beautiful and have a display greater than 60 frames / second against 30 frames / second for consoles (for games more resource-intensive).
    It is important to specify that the games exclusive to the consoles benefit from a strong optimization allowing to have good performances in spite of a technical delay.
    3. The comfort of play

    Most players go to the consoles because of their ease of maintenance. While a PC must be regularly updated to play recent games in the best possible conditions, the consoles have an architecture that allows them to last in time.
    In addition, the console is mostly installed in a living room on a TV screen, it is easier to play with friends.
    4. The multiplayer mode

    One of the most important points for a lot of players, the multiplayer remains for many years, much better on PC. In addition to free service unlike consoles, the communication between players continues to evolve, bringing a better playing comfort.
    It should be noted however a clear improvement on the side of consoles, offering free games each month to justify the subscription fee (about 5 € per month). An improvement certainly, but nevertheless insufficient to counter the plethora of games regularly offered by various manufacturers on PC.
    5. The price of games

    Although consoles are much cheaper than PCs, it will cost more money to purchase a console game. A game costing on average 60 € when released on console, will be available around 40 € on PC. Not to mention the many shopping sites offering PC games at unbeatable prices. It is not uncommon for a site to offer a "bundle" of several games for a few euros.
    However, the situation tends to improve for the owners of consoles because more and more sites are starting to sell games consoles at a very good price. Unfortunately, these prices remain on average higher than PC games.
    It is also important to mention the second-hand games market, which is still popular with console owners, unlike PC owners who simply can not access this market because of the near-total dematerialization of games on the Internet. PC and the impossibility of installing the same game several times on different player accounts.
    6. Exclusivities

    The main selling point of the console manufacturers is the exclusivity of some of their gaming licenses. The number of exclusive PC games is certainly gargantuan compared to the exclusive games on consoles but, platforms such as Steam, still keeping the monopoly of the sale of PC games, offer any developer to release his game. these games sometimes are not quite good and we are far from the AAA games budget from the big studios of development.

    Who wins the war ?

    It all depends on your tastes and the way you play. If you prefer comfort and convenience, you do not like updating your machine yourself, then the console is for you. If you prefer power, multiplayer and game accumulation, then buy a PC. There are no bad ways to play.

    9 august 2019 11:53 1625

    i dont know i would say that pc and console are kinda even

    19 august 2019 11:41 1625

    Very nice

    19 august 2019 18:37 1625

    Pc for win

    19 august 2019 18:48 1625

    They should be able to coexist in the world. In a perfect world Playstations, Xboxs. and PCs are on the same level enough to be able to play games like COD, ESO, SWOTOR, WOW, even Fallout 76 all with each other, but there isn't any money in it for 'em so...The Great Console War wages on...😂

    20 august 2019 04:18 1625

    While console builders are reporting excellent sales figures, more and more players are turning to the PC, a master stallion of gaming for many people. While the war between different media is raging, it is time to question their real qualities but also their defects.

    20 august 2019 06:19 1625

    pc is best

    20 august 2019 12:13 1625

    But why does it have to be a war

    20 august 2019 12:31 1625

    Just choose your side, no need to hate others who have made different choices

    20 august 2019 12:31 1625

    pc master race ftw!

    20 august 2019 18:54 1625

    they're all good we should not start a fight on something like this each of us play on different platform but we're all having fun and that's what important ^^

    21 august 2019 00:11 1625

    i love console (XBOX) an i love PC but i say draw

    21 august 2019 14:57 1625

    PC is the best and it will be.

    22 august 2019 09:15 1625

    nop war not over hehe

    22 august 2019 10:58 1625

    pc all the way but why 2 threads for the same topic ? 🤔

    22 august 2019 11:23 1625

    Pc wins

    22 august 2019 12:27 1625

    pc ftw i mean it is the best

    22 august 2019 13:58 1625

    Pc is better ;)))

    4 september 2019 14:39 1625

    a and thx for information and bye :D

    4 september 2019 19:28 1625

    Saw a comment said that they should exist in harmony and well There not wrong no matter what people will still play console you cant just say pc is better with out adressing things that make it bad comaperd to consoles

    5 september 2019 00:10 1625

    Pc is probably the best

    7 september 2019 17:58 1625

    for me pc is better than console

    7 september 2019 20:53 1625

    PC but nintendo isn't bad too

    16 march 2021 23:15 1625

    conttroler ganng

    17 march 2021 00:16 1625

    pc is the best

    17 march 2021 21:27 1625

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