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    Is this game any good?

    Hey There! I got a few friends who play League of Legends and they seem to really like it but I really don't know if it's really THAT good. What can you do in the game? Can you level up? Can you obtain sellable items? Do a lot of people buy things with real money , if so do you do it?

    11 November 2019 14:46 77

    sure its good XD i play it since 2009 ten years now wow

    12 November 2019 21:26 77

    It´s not for everyone, but i like it

    11 Februar 2020 21:58 77

    No it is not good. Only thing why it is so much played because its free.

    9 März 2020 11:09 77

    man kann sagen was man will das spiel ist aus unterschiedlichen blickwinkeln zu betrachten

    11 März 2020 05:44 77

    Meiner meinung nach einer der besten moba

    20 April 2020 22:34 77

    Nein spiel Dota 2

    1 Mai 2020 13:22 77

    Very good game play it Dota is trash

    7 Mai 2020 14:00 77

    I played this Game since the beginning of lol tbh. and i can Tell u from my experience that it is a fun Game to Play wiht ur Friends but going solo can make u toxic af. so rather Play it with Friends.

    8 Mai 2020 10:35 77

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