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    StatTrak™ USP-S | Cyrex bg

    Get StatTrak™ USP-S | Cyrex absolutely for free!

    StatTrak™ USP-S | Cyrex bg

    StatTrak™ USP-S | Cyrex

    CS:GO Skins

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    CS:GO Skins


    The USP-S is a semi-automatic pistol equipped with a silencer. Despite its size, it has good accuracy and high damage output. It can be equipped with a silencer or a scope. The USP-S's main strengths are its accuracy and fire rate, which are both superior to that of the Glock-18. An excellent example of a quality weapon, the USP-S has been painted with a hydrographic in a heat-refracting pattern. It has been given a solid stock and grip for enhanced recoil control, reduced weight, and better handling. The P250 is a pistol that has many unique features. It is the only pistol that does not have to reload every magazine, but can be fired as long as you have ammunition in your inventory. If you want to check it out, then buy this virtual weapon now! Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a typical FPS game in which you can fight against other players or bots. The rewards you see are StatTrak™ USP-S | Cyrex, a skin that changes the appearance of the gun.