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    StatTrak™ Nova | Wild Six bg

    Get StatTrak™ Nova | Wild Six absolutely for free!

    StatTrak™ Nova | Wild Six bg

    StatTrak™ Nova | Wild Six

    CS:GO Skins

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    CS:GO Skins


    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a modern shooter for true fans of the first-person shooter genre. The latest version of the series – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – significantly contributed to the development of modern e-sport. In this case, we can talk about a classic weapon from the beginning of the 21st century – the nova. It is a semi-automatic pistol with a seven rounds magazine holding 50 bullets. The weapon is intended for players who have already gained experience in the game. Exchange your Soul Gems for StatTrak™ Nova Wild Six. The Nova is a semi-automatic rifle, which has a high accuracy of fire. It has a silencer that reduces the noise of shots fired. The weapon is intended for experienced players. It is equipped with a counter to track the number of kills. Exchange your Soul Gems for the StatTrak™ Nova | Wild Six. After the success of the Nova, the gunsmiths at Atlas decided that it was time for a new machine that would be dedicated to close combat. The result was the Nova, which featured a shorter barrel and stock, making it more agile in urban combat. A special coating protects the weapon from corrosion caused by heavy rain or saltwater. A counter has been added to track how many kills were made with this weapon. Exchange your Soul Gems for StatTrak™ Nova Wild Six.