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    Song of Horror is an action adventure game whose convention is kept in the survival horror type. The action of the game is strongly focused on the disappearance of a writer and his family. The story remains unexplained, shrouded in mystery and with many questions in the local community that no one knows the answer to. The player takes on the role of one of the 16 available characters and tries to solve the mystery of their disappearance. At one point, he realizes that the situation is related to a mysterious entity called Presence ...

    Song of Horror bg

    Song of Horror

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    Song of Horror is an action adventure game in the convention of survival horror. The action focuses on the disappearance of a writer and his family. The event is shrouded in mystery and many questions to which no one knows the answer. The player tries to discover the truth. In doing so, he has to confront a malevolent entity known as the Presence.

    The death of the character you play does not mean the end of the game. The player simply takes on the role of the next hero, and there are 16 of them to choose from. Only when everyone is dead does the game end in failure.

    We encourage you to exchange Soul Gems for the Song of Horror award!