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    Mafia III Definitive Edition bg

    Mafia III Definitive Edition

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    New York City in the 60s - this is a new action-adventure game from the creators of Mafia. The plot tells a story of a young man who has recently returned from Vietnam and wants to take revenge on those who destroyed his family. Enjoy the great atmosphere, excellent soundtrack and a huge selection of weapons! Exchange your Soul Gems for Mafia III Definitive Edition on Gamehag! Feel the atmosphere of the Mafia series, which became incredibly popular thanks to its unique atmosphere and strong storyline. This is a great chance to start playing now. Mafia III Definitive Edition takes place in 1968 in New Bordeaux, where crime is rampant. The main hero is part of the mafia group - he will participate in various criminal activities. He will also be confronted with the police, who are trying to destroy the mafia empire. Exchange your Soul Gems on Gamehag for Mafia III Definitive Edition now!

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