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    Fly Fly Tank bg

    Fly Fly Tank

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    "Blow Up Pyramids like Billiards?"
    "Do you not Climb the Building by Tank?"
    "As Possible Simple and Freely"

    Operation Method: Move Tank With the Arrow Key(keyboard).
    Or  "A" left, "D" right, "W" Front, "S" back.
    Turn Turret with Mouse & Shoots with Mouse Left button(click or it pressed).

    "Victory method!"
    The Operation is easy, but requires Strategy to Win!
    Blow enemies and play like billiards!!
    You can efficiently deal damage by hitting one another.
    Collect enemies and bang them together!!

    "Simple has a Reason"
    ・Simple Operation & Fixed Camera Angle
    Only as for the Mouse and the Arrow Key . Camera Angle cannot be controlled.
    → The angle of the camera was intentionally fixed for simple operation.
    By eliminating the operation of the camera, So players can focus on movement and attacks
    However, the position of the camera is adjusted for each stage,
    and the front side can be seen by sliding it depending on the player position.
    We reduced button to use by operation daringly.
    However, Player climb buildings and the wall and can jump from the Pyramid.
    It can blow up friend.
    ・Simple Graphics
    The LowPoly that both character and the topography are rough
    → The Gradation of the LowPoly shines by how to hit light.
    We tried many times how to apply beautiful light.
    ・Simple System
    Three phases of Levels only seven kinds of bullets
    → We keep individual characteristic in each seven kinds of bullets.
    In addition, it becomes the different characteristic because each bullet is improved to three phases.
    We realize the attack pattern of 21 ways of 7 X 3.
    Player can attack with movement from various height
    Clear Pattern is Infinite!!

    • At first Single Battle, But the end game are Group Wars at Town and Fortress!!
    In DESERT, ICE, TOWN, FACTORY, MOUNTAIN, MIDDLE AGES, six kinds of rich World.
    • A Huge BOSS appears, too.
    • You can play "Extra Stages" when You clear last stage. Two Bosses appear at the same time there.