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    Devil May Cry 5 bg

    Get Devil May Cry 5 absolutely for free!

    The Devil May Cry series is 18 now - it has been absorbing players around the world since 2001, but for many years it was only available for the PlayStation. The latest version of this iconic title - Devil May Cry 5 - was released in March 2019, so this is a completely new game. DMC 5, like in the beginnings of the series, was created by Capcom and is available on all platforms.

    Devil May Cry 5, like the previous parts of the series, is an action slasher played in TPP mode. It tells the story of Dante. Dante, who is half-human-half-demon, has been fighting various forces of evil for years. The story of Devil May Cry 5 is set directly after the events which were presented in Devil May Cry 4. In the fifth part, we can also control three playable characters, which we have already encountered in the previous part.

    The story of Devil May Cry 5 begins at the moment when a huge, mysterious tree grows from underneath Red Grave City. Its roots drain life from the city and its inhabitants. Dante, Nero and the mysterious figure named V, together try to defeat the lurking forces of evil.

    The extensive combat system allows a variety of attack combinations. The game is based on a system very similar to the one known from the previous parts of the series. Devil May Cry 5 is not a classic sandbox, but the maps offer many activities. Tasks and quests are not as linear as in the previous installments.

    The world of Devil May Cry 5 is strongly modeled after the game Dragon's Dogma - another game from the creators of DMC. This is a title that is really worth spending some time on.

    Devil May Cry 5 bg

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    Devil May Cry 5 is the fifth part of the cult series also known as DMC. At the very beginning, the series was created and published by Capcom, but later the work was taken over by Ninja Theory. The fifth part of Devil May Cry, however, returned to its roots and was created by the original producers. Devil May Cry 5 is, like the previous parts of the series, an adventure slasher with action elements. The game is set in a fantastic universe reflecting our world. The story told in the fifth part of DMC is a continuation of the story from Devil May Cry 4, embedded in the timeline immediately after the events of the second part of DMC. All Devil May Cry games tell the story of a half-human-half-demon named Dante. This character, characterized by white hair and a red coat, must fight the evil forces attacking the world. In Devil May Cry 5, fortunately this task also falls on Nero and a mysterious character named V.

    The story of Devil May Cry 5 begins when a gigantic tree grows from under Red Grave City. It quickly turns out that it is a dangerous creature sucking blood out of the inhabitants and life out of the metropolis itself. At this point, three heroes enter the fight - they are all playable characters, between whom we can choose.

    The Devil May Cry 5 mechanics are not much different from the previous parts. We're dealing here with a typical hack & slash with an extensive combat system. In DMC 5, however, the mechanics of moving around the world have been slightly improved. We do not have an open world here, but it is much more extensive and accessible than in previous parts.

    Do you want to see what the fight against demons is about and experience Dante’s life? Exchange your Soul Gems for your own version of Devil May Cry 5.