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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Life is Feudal

    its not easy to get gems we need more game and easy survey

    17 january 2020 21:05

    we need up then 500 gems to get some rewards

    20 january 2020 16:18

    This is not even worth it to spend 28e and more

    4 february 2020 14:00

    why is there no rewards on this game?

    4 february 2020 14:22

    It's a bit of an unstable game and it's still being developed, but it's fun enough and has tons of features.

    28 may 2020 01:24

    Your screenshot got rejected but how tho because that happened to me and when I did tried again it worked I think its just a bug or something I dont really know but even though it does that just keep trying>.

    31 may 2020 04:17

    IDK I just got a notification won't play until there is reward

    24 september 2020 15:24

    Why would anyone play this if it has no rewards.... Gamehag please add rewards to all games it is my request :pray:

    6 december 2020 13:22

    It was shown under deals but had bo rewards.

    8 january 2021 12:29

    this game so similiar like my game and i like it>.

    14 january 2021 15:05

    not easy to get gems in this game,we needwork hard ;)

    14 january 2021 15:06

    try go be on and active playing game and task with free chest boxes

    31 january 2021 14:01

    wow this game look old 'o' , but i like it this game ;)

    1 february 2021 15:04

    i dont play it yet but its seems good any idea about this game leave commentaire please guys thanks

    1 february 2021 20:54

    :ok_hand::ghost:✌I love this kind of art that is fun, attractive and fresh to the eye. Thanks

    6 april 2021 00:39

    The servers crash constantly, its laggy in any battle over 10v10 or 15v15, the devs randomly shut down the servers with no notifications. They ghost patch major things and expect people to just find out how to do the new things.

    29 september 2021 13:01

    I wanted one thing and God wanted something else, thank God for the good I do not know...

    13 january 2022 06:57

    why is there no rewards on this game?

    7 april 2023 14:43

    I'm pretty sure Misty didn't sub for 20 bucks and play this game just to do this quest.

    10 march 2024 22:35

    this game is nice and exiting i like this so much

    26 april 2024 11:27

    i wanna trying this game but first i need some details about it so guys who played this game leave us details or commentaires and explan us thisgame and thanks

    5 may 2024 17:41

    wow cool game like it this is level up ezzzjl

    7 may 2024 20:57

    why i cannot see points? just say free game.

    29 may 2024 11:36

    hello this is good

    so good!! :smile::innocent:

    3 july 2024 16:13

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