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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Doomsday: Last Survivors

    Waste of time, don't play. They won't give you the SG. I registered to the game through Google email, raised headquarters to level 4 and sent an image with the headquarters at level 4, the linked account with my Google account and the gamer ID with my username.
    The quest was rejected, the reason: "I haven't completed the quest"
    This is the second time it happened to me, gamehag is a scam, they will give you the rewards when it is 100, but if they offer more, they won't let you get your SG.
    There is also no way to write support, it is just a neverending look of the chat with the bot and ended every time in stupid replies.

    13 september 2023 22:48

    This is a scam, submitted a screenshot with the quest completed, was rejected with the reason "quest not completed"

    13 september 2023 22:49

    Yea don't bother until support actually starts caring about their website and growth. They will just reject. I've done over 4 offers now, full proof INCLUDING EMAIL registration etc / verification and I still get denied. Support tickets are unexistent, they don't get replied to even though it says someone will within a couple days. Absolute lie and waste of time.

    3 april 2024 16:36

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