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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Left to Survive

    Not the type i like but still good i guess

    17 october 2021 14:37

    As more higher up, it rises to the clouds around him and tribulations...

    27 october 2021 15:11

    there is no quest for this game ?? or was it before?

    31 october 2021 10:29

    sheesh its hard and im not letting this game happen

    4 november 2021 14:46

    great combination of PVP and PVE Shooter and city building ! pretty fun , and nice !

    8 november 2021 17:36

    To light a small candle is better than cursing the darkness...

    9 february 2022 02:18

    I actually really enjoy this game! I wish PVP could be unlocked a bit earlier, since that's my favorite part, but this game is a solid mix of PVE and PVP! Very fun!

    12 july 2022 02:53

    This game is great! Way better than I was expecting.

    11 september 2023 01:18

    Its a pay to win shooter game, don't touch the PvP if you haven't spent money, as it is outright and absolutely a contest of who has spent the most money on their guns. That being said, I actually quite enjoyed the game.

    23 september 2023 20:01

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