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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Dislyte

    This seems like it would be pretty hard to do.

    29 august 2022 14:19

    This took me about 1 month to finish. This requires you to finish the story on 3 seperate difficulty levels. It required me to leave the game auto battling near constantly and an incredible amount of luck on my draws to pull the heros I needed to finish. There is no screen which shows a complete chapter 12-8 with the usename that I can find, so hopefully I can get it accepted

    1 september 2022 05:02

    I had to petition to get the quest accepted. But then I had issues redeeming a paypal reward (bad code) During that they decided that "Purgatory" mode (**** does not exist in my localization) did not count and removed all of the soul gems from my account.

    3 september 2022 22:59

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